SJ-FMZ Cylindrical bags double main device compound film machine
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    SJ-FMZ Cylindrical bags double main device compound film machine
  • Model: SJ-FMZ
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Product Description

The machine is used main device,cloth,paper,finish the double side laminating film by one-time.Through PLC HML operation, achieve the structure needed, use PE or PP as the main material by extruded molding.

The device used large aspect ratio screw and barrel,good plasticizing effect.High-precision adjustment mold, easy to use. Ensure the customer to improve product quality while reducing energe consumption.

Composite systems with double-sided composite OPP color film pattern automatically of device, improve work fficiency. Automatic photoelectric tracked trimming device to ensure the side of bag formation an stable.

The operating control system using imported components, reliable quality and stable operation. The touch-screen isplay, a variety of data clearly, intuitive and simple to operate.

Main technical parameters

Compound width (mm)400-750450-1000
Compound thickness (mm)0.01-0.050.01-0.05
Compound linear velocity (m/min)40-12040-120
Screw Diameter (mm)×L/D Ratio of Screwφ65x33 (2)φ80x33 (2)
Width of die aperture (mm)900120
Maximum diameter of unwinding and rewinding(mm)φ1200φ1200
Total Installed Power (kw)105130
Overall Dimensions(L×W×H) (m)12x8x3.512x9x3.5
Weight (T)1825

The above technical data will be changed without noticed.

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