Jike Plastic Coating Machinery —— Professional Manufacturer of Coating Equipment
Changzhou Jike Plastic Coating Machinery Co ., Ltd. specializes in the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of various plastic extrusion and casting equipment.
The company cooperates with domestic colleges and universities.
Under the guidance of experts and with the efforts of the company's employees, we have successively developed a PVC cling film production line,
a PVC cling film blowing production line, a PVC transparent packaging film production line, a PE breathable film production line, a TPU film production line,
an environmentally friendly soft packaging film coating machine, and a production line for fiberglass, cloth, and soaked sheet materials.
He has more than ten national patents in Product development, filling the domestic gap.
The company has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and is highly praised by customers for providing high-quality products and excellent services with the guiding principle of "customer first".
Our company warmly welcomes new and old customers to visit and guide us, and negotiate cooperation.
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    Over 20 years of professional experience in the research and development, manufacturing, and sales of various plastic extrusion and casting equipment
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    More than 10 national patents
  • 100
    More than 100 sales regions, with products exported overseas

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As for PVC film preservation units, we usually see two types: casting production line and blowing film production line. We will provide a detailed introduction to these two different units in the following content.
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Jike provides you with high-quality casting film units
In the development of the industry specific equipment supply industry, we mainly provide industrial products such as casting film production lines and casting film units to major packaging factories.
PVC cling film unit: What is the ideal PVC cling film like
I think many people will hear about PVC fresh-keeping film products. What is the Ideal type PVC product like? What are their characteristics?
Casting film unit: What to do when encountering problems while using the casting machine
After the casting film unit is put into use, consumers who are not familiar with this aspect will always encounter some big or small problems. We will introduce specific solutions to you.
PVC cling film unit: methods for distinguishing the material of cling film
The manufacturer of PVC cling film unit introduces methods for distinguishing the material of cling film.
PE breathable film production line: Why are more and more people choosing PE breathable film
As a manufacturer of PE breathable film production lines, we have found through recent data statistics that more and more customers have chosen PE breathable film as their product.
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